Master Ray Lee

Master Raymond Lee, a ninth degree black belt and a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University with a Master of Science degree, started his martial arts journey in 1967 under the late legendary Grandmaster Ki Whang Kim. Master Lee was one of Grandmaster Kim’s most senior students and instructors. Today he is the head master of the SSMA and vice president of the KWK-TMAA. Master Lee was fortunate enough to have received instruction from some of the most notable grandmasters and masters in the martial arts, they include: Grandmasters; Joon Pyo Choi, Soo Wang Lee, Jung Hwan Park, Il Hoi Kim, Albert Cheeks, Masters; Aikio Mitake, Nubuhiro Hayashi and Sifu Jian Ping Mao. Master Lee’s wide experience as an educator, competitor and judge as well as an organizational leader makes him uniquely qualified to offer a comprehensive training program for beginners as well as advanced students. Master Lee is committed to passing on the art as it was taught to him.